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Day 1 – Build Your Resource Library

It takes more than a few great formulas to become a great Cosmetic Formulator, and that's why this Free Course was created.

A huge part of becoming better at what you do is making sure that you are always informed. We already know that continuing education courses are a must to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and technologies of our field, what I’m talking about here is a daily effort to keep yourself updated on what’s going on in the industry.

Some resources you’ll want to keep easily accessible for whenever you need to consult on a certain topic, while other resources will be more of a daily newsletter so you always know what other companies are up to. Both are extremely important if you want to make sure you are on your A game.

“ Having a resource library is an insurance that you’ll always be updated on what’s going on in the industry. ”



There is so much to learn out there, it’s simply impossible for us to remember every piece of information that we come across. For this reason I like to have a few books about Cosmetic Chemistry around. Yes, these are expensive and a lot of them are way too old, but I have a few tricks to teach you at the end of this class.

Discovering Cosmetic Science

This book by the Royal Society of Chemistry is as fresh as it gets. It has just been launched, and its price is incredibly affordable at only £26.99 + shipping. I didn’t think twice before buying it.
Described as the “novice’s guide” by its publisher, this book will hit the spot if you are just starting in the world of cosmetic formulation, and looking to learn about the real science behind cosmetics.
If you are a seasoned cosmetic chemist/formulator, this might be too basic for you, but still a nice addition to your personal library.

Handbook of Cosmetic Science & Technology

This book covers a wide range of subjects, from hair and skin biology, to ingredients, formulas and even claims. Not every subject is covered in detail, but this is still a very good and traditional addition to your collection.
Since this is one of the more expensive books, I suggest you either find a used copy or even rent the book before deciding if it’s worth the splurge.

Institute of Personal Care Science Books

The IPCS books are perfect for people starting in the cosmetic formulation industry. These books cover a range of subjects at various levels, and they don’t require a huge investment.

Other Books

There are so many great books out there, I could make this the sole subject of this site. If you have the means to buy the older, more traditional Cosmetic Chemistry Books, I’d say do your research and grow your collection little by little. Make sure you pay for these books if you can, as the scientists wil most likely get some money out of it.

However, when you are just starting or live somewhere other than the US, the investment these books requite might be too big, or you may not even be able to find the books locally. In that case – you didn’t hear it from me – you can find lots of these books for free by searching for “Book Tittle free pdf download”.

A few places where you’ll find Cosmetic Chemistry books are:

Our Google Drive Exclusive to CCLab Members

I will add new books to our drive whenever I come across something new, so make sure to check back regularly.


There are many industry publications to choose from, and I suggest you at least subscribe to all the free ones. While with the free magazines you might get a lot of articles that will seem like a sales pitch, you’ll also find lots of valuable information. Make sure you are visiting their websites and signing up for the free online versions of these magazines, as well as for their newsletters.
By doing so, you’ll get information about ingredients, technology, businesses, formulations, and all other types of news related to the industry. This will keep you updated and aware of what’s happening in the field, without having to pay thousands of dollars for something you’ll probably only read once.

Free Publications to Sign Up For

Cosmetics & Toiletries
Skin Inc
Cosmetics Design
Cosmetics Design Europe
Cosmetics Business

Instagram Accounts.

So many scientists are joining instagram to practice science communication ,which means that your mindless daily scroll through the platform can be turned into learning time. Scientists of all areas of the Cosmetic Industry post information in accessible language on a daily basis, so make sure you’re not missing on that. However, be mindful about who you are following. You want to find the actual professionals who give reliable, science-based, unbiased information.

A Few Accounts I Recommend

Dr. Ginza
The Eco Well
Brains in Beauty
The Cosmetic Regulator
Science Meets Cosmetics
Michelle Wong


Yes, you read that right. Subscribing to brand’s newsletters is the perfect way to see what’s new in the market, and how brands are marketing these products. Being aware of the ingredients and product formats that are trending is always important. Plus, you’ll be getting lots of inspiration for your next creation.


Today’s exercise is fairly simple! Take some time to look through the links I provided in this class, and subscribe to the ones you feel are a good match for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to newsletters of brands that align with the kind of cosmetics you work with, follow some of scientists on instagram.

This all may seem to easy and simple, but I promise you that every serious Cosmetic Formulator makes sure to receive valuable new about the industry on a daily basis, and you should too!

I hope you enjoyed our first exercise, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow. If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure to DM me on instagram or contact me at hello@cosmetichemistry.com .

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